C2E2 Announces They’re Chasing Entertainment Over Comics Next Year

Got a press release from the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) today, and I think the subhead says it all:


This Year’s C2E2 to Move Significantly Beyond Comics … Entertainment and Other Pop Culture Phenomena Will Be Prominently Featured!

Because that’s what we need — another comic convention focusing on TV and movie guests. Sad, too, that they started with shysters who pretend that they can find ghosts and prove paranormal activity.

This year is going to be key for C2E2 — when I went to last year’s show, I had a great time, but many of the exhibitors were disappointed, due to rewards not commensurate with how high costs were. If C2E2 is filling up with entertainment guests to justify their prices, well, their choice, but it doesn’t make for the kind of show I want to travel cross-country to attend. Apparently, though, I’m not their desired audience, since they want the Chicago show to “evolve and grow this year and will take on even more of the characteristics of the New York Comic Con. This includes an ambitious program to expand the entertainment portion of the show.”

More famous people (= TV and movie names) will bring in more ticket-purchasers, and that’s the level Reed seems to want to play on, to compete with San Diego. And it should be easier to convince exhibitors to participate if you can promise more attendees, even if those customers aren’t necessarily interested in buying comics.

4 Responses to “C2E2 Announces They’re Chasing Entertainment Over Comics Next Year”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Wonder if the recession might also to have blamed for the sales levels at last year’s show. Either way, I”m guessing the booth that came all the way from Quebec for the show won’t be back…

    As for the entertainment portion, it’s still a bit early guests-wise (I assume), but it could be a slippery slope. I was under the impression one reason C2E2 was anticipated around here in the midwest is that it meant Chicago was finally getting a high-profile well-run comic show, with Wizard having managed to ruin the other main show in Chicago (among other things, emphasizing pro wrestlers and B-list celebrities over comics). Don’t want to see C2E2 go that route, either, though guess the show’s runners might also hope for it it to become the “San Diego Comic-Con of the Midwest” (or match it in stature)…

    (Ghost Hunters? They’re hyping some awful-sounding reality show I’ve never watched? Hmm…).

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, their first comic guest was at least a respectable choice: Brian Bendis. This to debut with for entertainment? Weird.

  3. Heidi M. Says:

    I know a couple of the guys who work for ReedPOP for HUGE Ghost Hunters fans (as is one perdson who lives in Stately Beat Manor). I think that’s really all there is to it.

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