Must-Read: David Brothers’ State of Digital Comics

Today’s must-read: David Brothers looks at the state of digital comics, covering all the key questions.

  • Creating a pleasant reading experience
  • The risk of censorship with gatekeepers like Apple’s app store
  • The price, especially when it feels too high
  • The question of ownership, when publishers can remove access at any time and the problems with proprietary formats and programs
  • Convenience pros and cons: buy anywhere, but no sharing with friends
  • Globalization

There are a lot more questions than answers right now, as digital comics is just getting started, and various mistakes and experiments are ongoing, but we’ve got to start thinking about these things. More importantly, we have to stand up for our rights as consumers: fair pricing, ownership, free choice, and no censorship.

2 Responses to “Must-Read: David Brothers’ State of Digital Comics”

  1. Jennifer Hachigian Says:

    “Convenience pros and cons: buy anywhere, but no sharing with friends”

    It’s not as well-known as Marvel’s digital library, but DriveThruComics sells DRM-free PDF files. Readers can give these PDFs to as many friends as they want.

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