Shocking Sundome Is Discussed on Manga Out Loud Podcast

In the latest Manga Out Loud podcast, Ed and Melinda Beasi discuss the infamous Sundome, a manga about S&M-like sexual manipulation among students. Or so I’m told — I wasn’t part of the podcast because I haven’t read the manga, and my impressions come from Ed’s reviews:

He’s said about his reading of this series:

I can’t recommend this series to anyone. In fact, given the deeply dysfunctional and abusive nature of the main and secondary relationships I suggest people avoid this series. If I didn’t feel so emotionally invested, I would quit reading. Just goes to show I’ve still got some of my own maturing to do.

(Later:) Sundome is like cigarette smoking, it’s better if you don’t start. I’m not as emotionally attached to the series as I was with the first two volumes, but I’m too caught up in the story and characters to stop.

So I’m sure it will be a fascinating discussion! Like the series itself, the podcast contains frank sexual language and concepts. Melinda also posted some additional notes about fanservice in the series at her site.

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