So Who’s Doing What? Richie Rich Creative Announcement Missing Key Information

In October, Ape Entertainment announced that they would be publishing a Richie Rich comic sometime next year. Here’s a followup press release, under the heading “Richie Rich Creative Teams Announced”:

Richie Rich logo

Part James Bond, Jr., and part Indiana Jones with Donald Trump’s bank account, Richie Rich is an altruistic adventurer who travels the world helping the less fortunate, and now he has a creative team to back him up. “Ape Entertainment is extremely pleased with the writers and artists who have come forward to bring Richie Rich back to comics,” states founder and co-publisher David Hedgecock. “We have action. We have adventure. We have humor. And best of all, we have everyone’s favorite characters, from Cadbury to Irona to Dollar.”

Today, Ape Entertainment and Classic Media announced the creative teams on the new Richie Rich series that will reimagine the classic cartoon and comic book character. Artists include Tina Francisco, Jack Lawrence, Armando Zanker, James Silvani, Iwan Nazif, and more! Writers include Tom DeFalco, Bill Williams, Buddy Scalera, Brent E. Erwin, Jason M. Burns, Matt Anderson, Rob Worley, and more!

For fans of the original Harvey Comics series, the creative team of Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon revisit the characters they helped to make famous, returning with two, all-new stories! Richie Rich #1 will arrive in stores in May 2011.

Now, this leaves out an awful lot of information. How are the creators paired up? You’re not announcing “creative teams” if you don’t say who’s working with whom. Will each issue include multiple stories, or is this their planned lineup for the first six issues? Is this an indefinitely ongoing series or a limited run anyway?

With so many artists and writers contributing, I think the idea of a consistent reading experience is right out the window, and I have doubts as to how coherent the story will be. It’s more likely the comic will just be a collection of short story “adventures”. You may find it interesting to note that three of the writers — Erwin, Burns, and Anderson — are on staff at Ape Comics. This kind of release, while paying lip service to the idea that it’s actually important who creates the comics you want to sell, is really about pointing out that they have a long-running brand and expect people to buy it regardless of who works on it.

The “about the companies” section of the release taught me something: Richie Rich is now owned and managed by a company called Classic Media, who also controls Casper the Friendly Ghost, Where’s Waldo, Lassie, and the Lone Ranger. According to their own press, they’re “a leader in reinventing the classics of yesterday and creating the entertainment classics of tomorrow”, and they own Big Idea, “the leading faith-based studio and producer of children’s programming, including the best-selling animated series, VeggieTales” (or as we call it my house, “those weird talking Christian vegetables with no limbs”). They announce themselves as “the country’s third-largest holder of comic book rights (Harvey Comics, Dell, and Gold Key).” They also handle the TV rights to these cartoons: The Archie Show, Dick Tracy, Fat Albert, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and He-Man, among many others.

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  1. Anthony Says:

    Yep, Classic Media’s a company that’s bought out a lot of old studios, owning the Jay Ward library (Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle), the Total Television library (Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo), a lot of Filmation’s output not owned by other companies, Harvey Comics’ characters, much of the Rankin-Bass specials, etc. Didn’t know they’d gotten hold of Lassie, Where’s Waldo and the Lone Ranger too though…




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