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To revitalize themselves, Girl-Wonder.org is holding a membership drive as a precursor to elections for a new Board of Directors. New members and nominations are due before December 21. They are an

incorporated non-profit feminist organization dedicated to fostering an attentive, empowered comics fan community, to encouraging respect and high-quality character depiction, and to assisting the professional development of women working in the field of comics.

You probably know them best for taking DC Comics to task for venerating their dead boy Robins while ignoring the (then) dead female one. They’re rather superhero-oriented, but if you’d like to work with like-minded women in that area, this is a great opportunity.

Ragnell provides some essential advice, praising the group as “the most effective female-focused comics charity around” before posting two key cautions: to make sure the elected leadership has the best interests of the group at heart, and to know your limits. That last one is essential. If you want to build something that lives beyond you, know when you need to hand it off, and hope you can find dedicated help to maintain it.

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