Coming Up: Good Comics Due February 2011 or Later

Do I need to tell you how much I recommend Love and Capes: Ever After #1 (IDW, DEC10 0406, $3.99)? I adore this romantic superhero series, and now that Mark and Abby are married, I’m sure Thom Zahler will find ever more fruitful areas of comedy.

Love and Capes: Ever After #1 cover

The long-delayed lawsuit issue of Comic Book Comics, #5 (Evil Twin Comics, DEC10 0958, $3.95), is offered again, hopefully for reals this time. Find out more about DC vs. Fawcett (over Captain Marvel), Disney vs. the Air Pirates (over pornographic Mickey Mouse images), the Howard the Duck case, Dan DeCarlo trying to reclaim his Josie & the Pussycats, and much more. It’s a terrific series, making the industry history visual.

The second in Fantagraphics’ manga line (after Moto Hagio’s A Drunken Dream and Other Stories) is Wandering Son (DEC10 0966, $19.99), an intriguing series by Shimura Takako about two transsexual fifth-grade kids. Do note that in Japan, there are already 10 volumes, so this is a long-haul read, as the subject deserves, to be handled in detail.

Jay Hosler’s true-science comics (like The Sandwalk Adventures, which explains evolution, or Optical Allusions, about how eyeballs work) are astounding, so I have great hopes for Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth, illustrated by Kevin and Zander Cannon (Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards). I’ll buy just about anything Dr. Hosler does.

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed Ray Fawkes’ Possessions: Unclean Getaway, so I’m glad to see a sequel, The Ghost Table (DEC10 1022, $5.99), coming in March from Oni Press. This little-girl demon and her ghostly friends make for great comedy with a bit of life meaning underneath. But mostly funny.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    One good thing about the move to a big publisher for L&C is big name cover artists too.

    Darwyn Cooke’s cover for #3




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