Fighting Yamako-Chan Chapter 1

Review by Ed Sizemore

A strange samurai shows up at the door of Yamako’s house to talk with her father, Ichiyama. The next day, she discovers the stranger dead and her father disappeared. Ichiyama has not only abandoned his daughter but his sacred duty to guard the legendary sword, Gokaku. Yamako decides to take Gokaku and find her father.

Fighting Yamako-Chan cover

Fighting Yamako-Chan is a tongue-in-cheek take on the classic samurai quest story. Yamako isn’t your typical heroine. She is very short in stature. Both the sword she carries and her hair style are taller than she. Yamako has led a sheltered life at the sword’s shrine and doesn’t know much about the world outside the shrine. Her mother has taught her some interesting variations on traditional Japanese games. (Fair warning: don’t play rock-paper-scissors with her.)

Ramirez’s artstyle is very cartoonly. You can see that from Yamako on the cover. There are lots of large panels with bright colors. I’m very impressed with the color saturation in the pages. There are some beautiful deep reds and nice solid blacks.

It’s hard to really form an opinion of Fighting Yamako-Chan from just one issue. There isn’t enough material for me to know if this is going to be a clever satire or degenerate into silliness. I would definitely check out a second volume, when one becomes available. For now all I can say is Fighting Yamako-Chan has potential.

You can get more information about Ramierez at his deviant art page. You can see sample pages and order the book at Indy Planet. (A review copy was provided by the artist.)

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