Marvel Promotes Writers by Calling Them Architects

Marvel has decided that the best way to praise the writers who maintain their universe is to call them by some other craft name altogether. From yesterday’s press release:

Marvel Unveils the Architects

The very fabric of the Marvel Universe is changing and the Architects are the ones leading the charge! Marvel’s Architects initiative spotlights the writers and artists telling the most exciting and impactful stories that rock the Marvel Universe to its very core every month. But just who are the writers in Marvel’s Architects?

Can I just say that I abhor the word “impactful”? It’s total crap marketing speak. These writers, all of whom coincidentally are working on either a “top secret upcoming event”, a “top secret upcoming new series”, or “an upcoming top secret project”, are Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, and Jason Aaron. They all work on big Marvel character titles, so from my perspective, this is a whole lot of nothing. “Marvel has writers!” Since when is that news?

So why am I bothering to mention it? Because I found it highly amusing that they’d use the term “Architects” when it immediately reminded me of the super-villains in Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality. In that highly recommended 2007 title, the Architects, those trying to destroy the misfits and wacky characters that make up the team of protagonists, turn out to be Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, and Greg Rucka, those writers responsible at that time for restructuring the DC universe with big events and crossovers. So to see this Marvel praise promoting how “each of their projects lays the groundwork for the future of the Marvel Universe” — well, is Marvel that unaware of a relatively recent release by their competitors, or is someone having fun with this unexpected connection?

12 Responses to “Marvel Promotes Writers by Calling Them Architects”

  1. Mike McLarty Says:

    C’mon…this is C.B. Frickin Cebulski. No WAY is this an intentional prod.

  2. Dwight Williams Says:

    Having fun, perhaps, though whether any malice is involved…? Not so sure of that.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Oh, the most likely explanation is just an oversight, no one remembered the story or some such. Maybe I’m the only one who liked and recalls it so much.

  4. James Schee Says:

    No I love the story as well Johanna, especially Traci Thirteen! So its funny to see Marvel refer to these creators as such.

    I find it odd that they describe these particular creator as “the writers and artists telling the most exciting and impactful stories” though. Since doesn’t that sort of mean that those creators stories not mentioned are not exciting or impactful? Way to diss on your employees….

  5. Drew Thomas Says:

    Love Doctor 13 too!

  6. SKleefeld Says:

    FWIW, I couldn’t get past the title of Marvel’s press release without mentally going to Doctor 13.

  7. Grant Says:

    “Architect” reminds me of the guy in the white suit from “The Matrix”.

    I wish that Bendis, instead of writing a hundred different, virtually unreadable Avengers titles, he’d do just one that’s actually good. He had me for a brief moment with “Avengers Prime” but lost me with naked Tony Stark riding bareback on a white horse with Cap, then sitting around the camp fire with Thor and Steve talking about which one “hooked up” with Patsy Walker. Yeesh!

  8. David Oakes Says:

    Even before I read the story here, people were e-mailing me asking “Architects? Wasn’t that what Azzarello called Morrison et al in the Dr Thirteen mini?”

    So there is plenty of love for our Narrative-tossed misfits, among a self-select demographic…

  9. Cole Moore Odell Says:

    Ah yes, I remember, going after Grant Animal Man/Doom Patrol/Seven Soldiers/Club of Heroes Morrison and Mark walking-silver-age-DC-encyclopedia Waid for not paying enough attention to wacky, third-string characters. Azzarello had a great point there.

  10. William George Says:

    I guess “Copyright Maintainers” seemed too blunt.

  11. Hsifeng Says:

    Johanna Says:

    “…So why am I bothering to mention it? Because I found it highly amusing that they’d use the term ‘Architects’ when it immediately reminded me of the super-villains in Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality…”

    This also reminds me of how it bugs actual architects when computer programmers call themselves architects.

    AIA Architect Said in the thread “When can you call yourself an architect?,” Coding the Architecture, on 24 March 2007 02:11:21 GMT:

    “You should call yourself an architect when you are licensed by a government agency to design buildings and spaces in order to protect and benefit the health, safety, and welfare of people who use them. Just like you wouldn’t call yourself an ‘M.D.’ or a ‘lawyer’ or a ‘professional engineer’ or a ‘CPA’ if you weren’t appropriately trained and licensed, so it should go with the title ‘architect’.

    “Architects (real ones that is) appreciate the title-envy, but we’re finding that everyone wants to be the architect of something these days be it public policy, war, criminal actions – or software!

    “Software designers (creators, developers, coordinators, team leaders, gurus – whatever) should find another title to limit confusion and dilution and differentiate themselves from the art and science of creating safe and aesthetically beneficial buildings and spaces.”

  12. Hsifeng Says:

    Sorry! I forgot to close the cite tag after “AIA Architect”! :/




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