Despicable Me Out December 14 With New Minions Cartoons
December 11, 2010

The amusing cartoon about a super-villain (Steve Carell) redeemed by adopting three orphans, Despicable Me, is due out on DVD next Tuesday, December 14. It’s good timing, since it makes for great family viewing over the holidays, or a suitable gift, if you can figure out all the versions. There are four editions available:

Despicable Me Blu-ray cover
Despicable Me Blu-ray
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All the versions include these special features:

  • The World of Despicable Me
  • “Despicable Beats”, in which director Chris Renaud talks about the music by Pharrell Williams
  • The game “Gru’s Rocket Builder”, where the player has to get stolen world landmarks back to their home countries
  • “A Global Effort”, about how French and American co-directors worked with an American and English cast to make a movie in France
  • Commentary with directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin, featuring the Minions

The two Blu-ray editions also include a picture-in-picture making-of with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage and “Miss Hattie’s Top Secret Cookie Recipes”.

To get the best special feature, you have to get one of the enhanced editions (2-disc DVD or a Blu-ray). In addition to two “Super Silly Fun Land” games and a featurette on “The Voices of Despicable Me”, there are three new mini-movies with the Minions. These adorable little yellow guys were breakout characters in the film, providing laughter whenever they showed up, so making new short cartoons with them is a great idea. To show you how cool they are, here’s a sneak preview of one.

6 Responses  
Anthony writes:  

I saw this movie in the theater and I loved it, but $30 for a single DVD? And the movie studios wonder why people pirate movies.

Thom writes:  

Bear in mind that it is cheaper through most stores and Amazon…

Those minions seems to be a love them or hate them thing. Everyone I know has strong feelings, nobody just in the middle. :)

Anthony writes:  

Ah, I did look at the price on Amazon. Much more reasonable. I wonder why the MSRP is so much if most places charge half of that amount?

I am firmly in the camp that loves those little guys.

Johanna writes:  

MSRP is set so high precisely so places can advertise big discounts. That way, you’re more likely to be swayed to buy by feeling like you’re getting a deal.

Thom, how can anyone hate the minions? They’re so cute!

Thom writes:  

I liked the minions myelf…but ome folks have told me they found them incredibly annoying.

John Steventon writes:  

I loved this movie, and the Minions!

It’s amazing to me, that I walked into this grudgingly, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The commercials did not sell me on the movie, but it was 95 degrees out, and Karate Kid wasn’t playing for another hour, so in I went, and am I glad. :0)

It was a delight on so many levels. I haven’t made the move to BluRay yet, but picked up the 2 disc set on dvd, and look forward to the 3 minion movies.


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