Shonen Jump Relaunches With Biggest Hitters

Shonen Jump January 2011

I got a chance to look at the January 2011 Shonen Jump, their relaunch issue, and if you like boys’ adventure manga, this is packed chock-full. It’s 360 pages for $5, as the cover helpfully points out, most of which is manga to read. I’m impressed that they include chapters of the biggest shonen titles out there: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh. It makes me a bit jealous, actually, for not having a similar shojo publication, but we know what happened to that.

This magazine redesign comes after eight years of Shonen Jump‘s publication as “the best-selling comics anthology in the U.S.” (According to their PR — this issue also includes the Postal Service Statement of Ownership, which states they print 353,850 copies to sell 153,883.) The publisher, Viz, has also redesigned their website, and the feature that jumps out at me is on every page is a prominent link to an online survey to find out what readers think and want. That reportedly drove their redesign, aiming to give fans what they said they wanted.

Also prominently featured across the website is a box to drive subscriptions. The same is true of the magazine, with plenty of lap cards and offers to sign up, 12 issues for $27 (or less than half the cover price). The website provides exclusive online access to a series called Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan only to subscribers of the print magazine.


  1. I do like anthology magazines…but in the end I seem to buy the manga volumes anyway so it’s a space saver for me to skip subscriptions and go straight for the manga volumes.

  2. Yeah, I’m the same way — I don’t do such a good job of remembering stories month to month, either, so reading them in bigger chunks is preferable.

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