RIP Adrienne Roy

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Adrienne Roy, noted freelance DC comic colorist.

From Tales of the New Teen Titans #50

From Tales of the New Teen Titans #50

As always, Mark Evanier has an excellent obituary. He points out that she was one of the first female comic fans to work in the industry and continues:

Before long, her work was seen on Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Warlord, The New Teen Titans, House of Mystery, and many other titles but she was most often associated with the DC books featuring Batman. Amazingly prolific — and often specifically requested by artists — she was at one point the only DC freelancer with her own desk in the company’s Manhattan offices. She was also the first colorist signed by the firm to an exclusive, multi-year contract. Her long tenure on Batman (more than 600 issues of various comics featuring the character) meant that her credit appeared on more tales of the Caped Crusader than anyone else except for Bob Kane.

The image is via Mizzelle, who has a lovely remembrance from a fan perspective. Like her, I remember seeing the name in book after book, a comfortable presence who showed me that women could make comics too.

Heidi has posted a longer obituary provided by her ex-husband, revealing, among other details, that she was “the centerfold in the debut issue of Tattoo magazine.”

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