Young Justice Trailer for January
December 18, 2010

The Young Justice pilot aired over Thanksgiving, but the series begins running Fridays in January on the Cartoon Network. Here’s a trailer for the upcoming season:

In terms of addressing the gender imbalance, in this clip, Black Canary gets a mention and some screentime, but the team still appears to be focused on the boys. When Miss Martian appears, she’s treated in terms of her attractive appearance, not her abilities, which aren’t clear to me. She’s later shown exploding an airplane, or surviving it, I’m not sure which. There’s also a clip of the female archer, without her being introduced.

Since the tagline is “don’t call them sidekicks”, it makes sense, I guess, that they’re focusing more on the hero connections, with Robin and Flash and Superboy. I continue to hope that the advertising isn’t an accurate representation of how the girls on the team will be treated.

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Shannon Smith writes:  

Most of that footage is from the pilot. So far, I’m dissapointed but my 8 year old daughter is excited about it. It will be a hard sell with me because I really liked the original comics.

Anthony writes:  

I gather this series will be playing up the tired “we want to be treated as grownups/aren’t kids anymore, so get off our backs, old-timers!” generation-gap angst stuff. If so, color me less-than-interested, especially if I can just watch “Teen Titans” reruns/buy back issues of the old Young Justice comic (even if those were saddled with the since-disposed 90s-era “Batman’s an urban legend as far as the public’s concerned” idiotic retcon as far as how Robin got treated IIRC…).

Grant writes:  

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the storyline from the first one, but I think this animation is really good. Looks better than the majority of their dvd movies.

I just assumed Miss Martians abilities were similar to Martian Manhunter. She’s a relatively new character, isn’t she?

Jim Perreault writes:  

Judging from the clip, it seems like the show is inspired by the current Teen Titans, and not the Young Justice comic.

Certainly the comment “this team isn’t a social club” indicates a very different direction than the YJ comic.

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