Troublemaker Book 2

Concluding the Barnaby and Hooker adventure begun in Book 1, this slim graphic novel isn’t as satisfying as I hoped.

Troublemaker Book 2 cover
Troublemaker Book 2
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I didn’t expect much from the story — other than solving the mystery — since I was reading the series for Joelle Jones’ art anyway. However, the plot is disappointingly random. Instead of actively working to find a solution, the characters hang around letting events happen to them. It starts with a stolen boat, after which they happen to stumble across a key missing player. He conveniently expositions at everyone. So does the wise black woman who knows all the voodoo lore and winds up saving the day.

The art is more exaggerated than I remember from the first book, with almost cartoony reactions. I found myself laughing at some of the images, although they weren’t intended to be humorous. I was also unpleasantly distracted by some of the cleavage shots. I think I was supposed to be caught up in the suspense of “what will happen next?” but I quickly found myself skimming just to get it over with.

It felt like I was reading one of those underwritten comic projects you sometimes see these days, where they want to get picked up for a movie so scenes are included not based on advancing the story, but because they will give an actor something to do to look good in the trailer. Our supposed heroes keep finding notes to tell them what to do and other people push the story along. It was a boring read without much to involve me, and I didn’t even enjoy the art as much as I hoped. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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