Reboot Fan Art Contest Winners Announced
December 21, 2010

The winners of the Reboot fan art contest from October have been announced:

Shout! Factory and Rainmaker Entertainment, Inc. are pleased to announce the winners from the recent nationwide search for the most distinctive rendition of fan favorite characters from the popular CGI animated series ReBoot.

Brendan McCarthy, the original production designer of ReBoot, along with Rainmaker Entertainment and Shout! Factory, have selected five entries deemed as the most distinctive to be showcased in the first edition booklet accompanying ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition Complete Series Collectors DVD box set. Each winner will also be awarded with a complimentary complete series collectors DVD box set due out next year. The winners of the Ultimate ReBoot Fan Art Contest are as follows:

Mike Rieger of Calgary, Alberta, for portrait of AndrAIa.

Jimmy Xu of Toronto, Ontario, for images of villains Megabyte and Gigabyte.

Erin Nagy of London, Ontario, for interpretation of all the main characters in a group.

Maxwell McQuinn of Toronto, Ontario, for Hexadecimal T-shirt design.

Hailed by critics and fans alike, ReBoot made history for being the first fully computer-generated animated TV series. Its unique setting inside a computer allows ReBoot to mine references to computers and video games, giving the show its humorous edge. ReBoot was originally seen on North American television in 1994 on YTV in Canada and on ABC in the U.S. The series ran four successful seasons and was eventually seen in over 70 countries around the world. The innovative animation, insider humor, and high-octane action combine to give fans a lot of binary bang for their buck.

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