Easy A (Blu-ray)
December 26, 2010

I recommended Easy A when I saw it in September, and it’s even more fun the second time, since I knew what to expect and look for.

I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of it. It’s a good modern teen movie with humor, an admirable female focus, outstanding performances, a substantial message, and rocking soundtrack.

We watched it again with the Trivia Track running (a Blu-ray extra), and that was entertaining, too, pointing out in-jokes among the filmmakers — including that they never read The Scarlet Letter, which inspired some of the events of the film — explaining some of the higher-toned vocabulary (to help with the SATs, the captions add — that’s not the only time they make fun of presumably teenage viewers), pointing out foreshadowing, and being lightly sarcastic about what’s going on on-screen when appropriate.

Additional special features include (only the first three are on the DVD):

  • Commentary with director Will Gluck and Emma Stone.
  • Emma’s audition footage — Six segments, nineteen minutes. As part of the try-out, she filmed a webcam confession like those in the movie for the director, plus her reading through certain scenes with a voice off-screen. While it was interesting to see the first segment, I found the whole set overkill.
  • A gag reel (5:21) that’s a bit more diverse than those I usually see, which are just people blowing lines.
  • A making-of (14:35) with the director, writer Bert V. Royal, and Emma talking about their aims and how the movie came together, including weird stories about shoes and asthma.
  • “The School of Pop Culture: Movies of the Eighties” (15:08) — Discussing one of my favorite things about Easy A, how it respects and evokes the classics from the “golden age” of teen comedies.
  • “Vocabulary of Hilarity” — Five minutes about the distinctive language used in the movie. I was reminded of Heathers in its unusual and creative vocabulary.

You probably missed this release, since it came out a couple of days before Christmas, so take a look for it now. You’ll enjoy it.

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ADD writes:  

Just watched this with my wife and daughter and we all loved it. Thanks for the recommendation, Johanna! It’s an absolute blast from start to finish.

Grant writes:  

Emma Stone is one of my favorite new actors. She looks great as Gwen Stacey, like she leaped off the page of a Romita Spider-Man comic.

Friends With Benefits » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

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