Lessons Learned in Digital: A Boom! Interview

David Brothers talked to Chip Mosher, Boom! Studios Marketing Director, about Boom!’s digital plans. Chip points out how they’ve often been ahead of the curve (in spite of retailer dismay) and how many of their readers and sales are international:

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40% of our sales came from outside the United States. … There is a huge hunger internationally for American comics in the original language, and from talking to other publishers on panels about digital comics, that 40% number runs across most publishers that are in the space as aggressively as we are.

He also points out that they want to make their catalog widely available:

Part of our launch this year on the iPad/iPhone and with our five digital partners was a commitment to have our entire BOOM! Studios backlist and most of our front list available. And we have done that. We currently have at least a 30-day window on much of our front list. Sometimes that decision is more up to our partners’ bandwidth in processing the books than to us internally.

He goes on to say that they can’t release the Disney licensed titles digitally. And I’d like to see that month delay decrease, especially if the audience isn’t overlapping much.

David and Chip continue to talk about some of the many challenges digital comics face, including the distributor snags (as mentioned above), the question of ownership vs. cloud storage, experimenting with formats and bundles, whether periodicals are still necessary/desirable, distribution diversity, and how to gain new readers. There are a lot more questions than answers, but that’s where we are right now in this preliminary stage of the business. It’s a nice overview of one company that’s looking forward and attempting to face the future by tackling these questions, or at least acknowledging them.

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