Superheroine LinkBlogging: Looks and Memories

With the upcoming release of the DC Universe Online videogame, attention is beginning to accrue to it. Not all of it is positive, as a player at Jezebel analyzes the female character body types available and concludes “Superheroines Always Get Superboobs“.

Every woman in this game is more or less forced to have the proportions of Power Girl, a character whose modern incarnation was designed to see how big a heroine’s chest could get before censors would step in. She’s supposed to be an exception, not a rule…. the whole premise of DCUO is that Lex Luthor has turned average people into superhumans. So shouldn’t an average person’s body still at least be an option — or do my supernatural powers come with free and mandatory breast implants?

Someone else (no name given) goes further and analyzes how the iconic same costumes look different based on whether the character is male or female. Apparently, the costume generator has a “women = show skin” coding rule. For comparison, these are based on the same character, Circe.

Female CirceMale Circe

That same site, DC Women Kicking Ass, does more than just complain — she’s also running a poll to determine the “most memorable moment in history for DC women”. Voting starts tomorrow (and ends Tuesday), but you can read the nominee list now. As the creator describes her inspiration,

As features began to appear last year about the most memorable moments in DC Comics history, I noticed that there were not a lot of moments that featured women. And those that did make the lists were more about women getting hurt or even killed (i.e. Oracle being shot or Sue Dibny being raped). I decided to build a list of Most Memorable Moments in History for DC Women. The only rule? The woman had to have agency in the moment. To build the list, I asked for submissions and received over 130 from readers of my blog and comics forums.

Links at that site go to posts by a variety of interested parties — some creators, some passionate fans. Voters will determine a top five.

4 Responses to “Superheroine LinkBlogging: Looks and Memories”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    That list is a very good one to promote.

    Passing it along…

  2. Grant Says:

    I enjoyed those articles on the best moments for DC Women and I think Dwight is right, that’s great promotion.

    However, as someone whose read superhero comics almost exclusively for the past 45 years, I couldn’t help but think while reading them that there have been almost countless moments like that at DC and Marvel over the years.

    I think that sometimes it’s a matter of lack of promotion by the companies as opposed to the unavailability of female friendly content which I hear so often. Sure there’s definitely a lot of sexist stuff out there, but it’s like the news. Sometimes (actually most of the time) the negative stuff just makes for a better story.

    Hope that doesn’t make me sound sexist. But those same moments are why I, a guy, love and have always loved, superhero comics.

  3. Fun/Not Fun LinkBlogging » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Fun: The voting for the most memorable DC moment for a female character completed, and the winner was Wonder Woman, murderer. Ick. Well, it is […]

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    A mixed blessing, that result. Written by someone I consider a Very Good Writer, and in the context of the times, as a run-up into Infinite Crisis it has its value…and yet. I looked at the list as a whole and there are other tales and moments on it that provide Competition for it.




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