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Fun: Rachel and Ragnell have just begun A Nice Cup of Comics, a Tumblr about tea in comic books. What a relaxing thought! And they take submissions.

Not Fun: The voting for the most memorable DC moment for a female character completed, and the winner was Wonder Woman, murderer. Ick. Well, it is certainly memorable, but so unpleasant! Maybe the Marvel version, inspired by the DC poll, will wind up being more inspirational.

Fun: Gene Yang teaches factoring through a cleverly designed Flash comic strip. The lessons are engaging, informative, and allow for more help for those who need it.

Not Fun: Realizing how much of what DC considers canon, or at least required reading for video game designers, I haven’t read or don’t care for. My DC universe truly is gone — I leave today’s to those interested in the current version.

Fun: Scott Chantler is posting preview pages from the upcoming The Sign of the Black Rock, a sequel to Tower of Treasure and next in the “Three Thieves” series. It’s due out in August.

Not Fun, But Helpful: Convention attendees don’t often think about how they’re interacting with artists, but that set of tips will help everyone be happier about the process. As the writer says, “These are all things that merit mention because people do them innocently, without realizing that it can create problems for an artist at a convention.”

Fun Because It’s Hopeful: Another reader starts to become aware of sexism in comics. His complaints will be familiar to anyone who’s spent some time thinking about the subject in the past, but I’m encouraged by seeing someone else recognize the challenges that exist.

The comic industry is suffering. If you want to save it, how about we invite the other half of the species to the party? Comic fans know that inside these brightly colored books with scantily clad women are some fantastic stories. … some of the best comics on the net are made by women. … Women do care about this stuff, and if we can all just stop treating them like second class citizens who knows what we can accomplish. To all of you fellow creators out there, this isn’t supposed to be exclusive, so how about we let everyone come and play.

8 Responses to “Fun/Not Fun LinkBlogging”

  1. Jim Perreault Says:

    I found DC’s essential reading list interesting. Not too surprising, it’s mainly a plug for Geoff John’s work (with some out of continuity classics thrown in, such as Mad Love and Watchmen).

    I was surprised to see the Wonder Woman story “Sacrifice” listed in the Superman section.

    I did not know that Wally West had retired.

  2. Grant Says:

    I think the thing with comic shops isn’t so much the nerd factor, or being unfriendly to women. It’s more about uninformed employees and lousy customer service in general, IMO. Seems like it’s always been that way at most shops I’ve been to.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had such bad service when there are some truly excellent stores out there.

    Some stores don’t know how to treat anyone, and some stores… well, one retailer once waved me over to the checkout to tell me he admired how my butt looked in my jeans when I was bent over the back issue boxes. I suspect a lot of guys didn’t get that same treatment. Creeped me out, though, knowing I was being observed as something other than “customer”.

  4. Grant Says:

    Yeah, that sounds like a strange experience to say the least. Did you know the owner or say something?

    I’ve noticed over the years, at least in the shops I’ve frequented, that the owners are rarely in the store and it’s basically manned by the type of people who probably couldn’t get a job at McDonalds. That lack of supervision and training and quality control regarding service would seem to be the main factor in getting employees that would say and do those kinds of sexist things. That and the pay. Most comic shops aren’t exactly the kind of job you’re going to retire on and you get what you pay for.

    I worked at a comic shop in the late 70s. The owner looked and acted exactly like the Jack Black character in High Fidelity.

  5. Johanna Says:

    I just left quickly. Someone who thought that was an appropriate style of compliment wasn’t someone I wanted to be shopping with.

    Some stores still do pay workers only in trade, so aside from the questionable legalities, you get the devoted fans who find that a good deal. The better stores do things like train workers, have standardized processes and expectations, and so on.

  6. Thom Says:

    When I worked in a comic shop, I always made sure to compliment everyone’s butt. I still am not understanding why our return customer rate declined so sharply. ;)

  7. Johanna Says:

    As long as it was equal opportunity objectification. You are hilarious!

  8. Bill D. Says:

    That DC reading list is pretty depressing, especially the Captain Marvel section (Jeff Smith’s Monster Society of Evil excepted). I am enjoying a little bit of the current DCU, like Batman Inc. (at least the Batman Inc. title itself, anyway), Knight & Squire, and both the Lex and Jimmy bits of Action Comics, but for the most part, that list reminds me why I’m spending more time and money on trades and back issues of 70s & 80s DC stuff than their current output.




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