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I haven’t had to spend a lot of time in the car lately, so I’m woefully behind on my podcast listening. That includes this week-old episode of the Webcomic Beacon, which comments on my post on webcomic business wisdom from two weeks ago. Scroll ahead to the 27:17 mark to hear that article discussion, which only lasts for about three minutes of the 45-minute show. (Warning, NSFW language in the podcast.)

Short version: they hated that I pointed that these news items were about three women, which is only mentioned in the headline. (Because “Webcomic” and “Women” is alliterative, and I was looking for something to jazz up the boring “webcomic business” part.) They don’t actually respond much to the article comment, other than saying (rightly) that Colleen Doran should be listened to due to her longevity in the business.

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