Karakuri Odette Manga Moveable Feast Begins

This week is the next Manga Moveable Feast, a regular online gathering of manga readers and reviewers to cover a particular title. All participants are welcome, whether or not you like the book under discussion. So long as you talk about it, you’re in.

Karakuri Odette Book 5 cover
Karakuri Odette Book 5
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This time around, the title is Karakuri Odette, a sweet story about a teen robot learning to be human. I like it. I have previously reviewed Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 of the series, and I’m working on the fourth book for this week.

The MMF page for this title hasn’t been updated yet, but in the meantime, here’s our host Anna at Manga Report explaining why she wanted to pick this title. For reviews, David Welsh covers the first three books, with the immortal quote:

She’s not some robot-girl bombshell, looking instead like an averagely attractive teen-ager. It negates the possibility that she’s a grosser kind of toy, cutting off some of the more unsavory possibilities of this kind of story. You can be reasonably certain that she was created in the pursuit of a scientific exercise rather than to fit the maid’s costume.

Michelle Smith brings us up to date with the two new volumes, 4 and 5. The series ends with Book 6, due in April.


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