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Good news! NBC has reconsidered picking up the Wonder Woman TV show with a pilot by David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, Boston Legal).

Matt at Rocket Bomber explains how bad things are in the bookselling business. He discusses how cutting payroll is a weasel decision, making the balance sheet look better at the expense of damaging the business long-term.

“Productivity Gains” are a paper illusion, and cuts in staffing save payroll dollars but also incur other costs. In retail, when you cut staff you negatively impact the customer experience. People leave because they don’t like waiting in line at the register. In a bookstore, customers wander and flop about and wait for a bookseller to engage them, and if no one walks up and asks, they’re more likely to leave than to go to the information desk and ask for help. … “productivity gains” are bought by spending customer & community goodwill, individual customer satisfaction, and employee morale, health & well-being. (I am not the only corporate bookseller who is grumbling.)

Black Canary Facepalm

It’s a tough situation, as he goes into in detail in the article. Think of that when you decide where to buy your books or how to behave in a bookstore. I know I will.

J. Caleb Mozzocco writes a lengthy review of Cry for Justice that responds to writer James Robinson’s introduction, considers how the timing problems of the comic releases affected its eventual collection, mourns the absences from the book, and points out awful trends in current superhero comics. It’s very long but very thought-provoking, especially in considering the lack of heroism demonstrated.

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  1. Grant Says:

    That article makes some great points. If that doesn’t sum up why I stopped reading comics almost entirely for about 10 years. And it sure wasn’t stuff like Cry For Justice or Identity Crises or Civil War or Avengers Disassembled that brought me back. It was more upbeat stuff like the Palmiotti/Acuna Freedom Fighters and Planet Hulk and Busiek/Perez Avengers and Waid’s Brave and the Bold.

    The thing about Anima really reminds me of the rather sickening stuff that JMS and Bendis did with the Gwen Stacy character. I can not read spiderman any more because of that.

    And the torture stuff in CFJ reminds me of the things that happened in marvels Civil War, which also turned me off of many Marvel characters. Specifically Tony Stark. I enjoy the Iron Man movies and the Avengers cartoon, but I can not read a comic with Tony in it any more because Marvel did their best to make me hate the character, and they succeeded.

    It’s no wonder that I cling to story collections from an entirely different era. Thank God for Masterworks and Essentials and Showcase editions.




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