Hundreds of Archie Comics for the Price of One

The three Archie Comics on DVD-Rom collections are currently on deep discount at Amazon:

Originally $20, each is now $3 or $4 a set for full copies of 120 comic issues from the 1970s. At these prices, if you want them, get them now, because I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be around. KC reviewed them when they came out a couple of years ago — at that time, they had announced a matching Silver Age series that never materialized, unfortunately.

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  1. Anthony Says:

    I ordered and received all three DVD-ROM sets from Amazon last week. Enjoying having this many comics this cheap, as well as seeing how the 70s seemed to be a transition period for Archie (particularly changes in how Betty was portrayed/written, early versions of Chuck and Coach Clayton, etc.). Too bad Archie (and the other comic companies) apparently decided such digital collections on CD/DVD weren’t feasible and went with the shoddy current digital comics state (“rental/don’t-really-own-it” charge-by-the-issue model) instead.

  2. Buddy Scalera Says:

    I have a few of the Marvel collections. They are a really good deal, especially if you’re just looking to read the stories, but not necessarily collect the back issues. has that subscription service that is also an excellent deal. But with the discs, you can read the back issues on an iPad.


  3. Jeff Says:

    In the same vein as their Archie DVDs, GIT also offers a couple of Star Trek comic collections.

    The primary collection is especially nice as it collects numerous series, limited series, one-shots and graphic novels from the gambit of Star Trek comic publishers – Gold Key, DC, Marvel, Malibu, and Wildstorm. At $6.99, the DVD includes 500+ issues.

    Sure, you could argue quality vs. quantity (a valid point), but still, a fantastic buy, all things considered.

    A Star Trek movie adaption collection is also available for $2.99, but the complete collection is the better buy.

    GIT also offers a couple of Gold Key collections (Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes), but they include only 20 issues per disc.

    It is a shame these type of collections are no longer being produced. IMO, they’re the closest thing to a digital comic compromise for old-schoolers like myself.

  4. Chad Says: has that subscription service that is also an excellent deal. But with the discs, you can read the back issues on an iPad.

    Are the files PDFs that you can transfer over?

  5. Mark Says:

    I tried to order some, but it wont ship the Betty and Veronica to the UK :(

    Ah well

  6. Thom Says:

    Chad-I was able to transfer comics from the X-Men collection onto my computer.

    I am bummed they are not putting out Silver Age sets (I would have picked those up).

    I got the Archie and Betty & Veronica sets.

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