Contest to Win Yotsuba Volume 9, Calendar

Thanks to Ed, we have a copy of this volume, Yotsuba&! Book 9, to give away, free, to one random reader, accompanied by her 2011 calendar (text in Japanese), shown here:

Yotsuba calendar

This is a nifty calendar — even though you may not be able to read it, the images, as shown at this site, put the drawn character against photographic backgrounds. Here are two samples:

Yotsuba calendar image 1Yotsuba calendar image 2

To enter the contest, post a comment here telling us what event or location you’d like to see Yotsuba visit. She’s been to a farm and a school festival — where else should she go? Or dream big, with a trip to Disney World or Big Ben. Use your imagination, as she does.

Winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Monday, January 31. (U.S. and Canada entries only, please. Winners will be emailed for their physical mailing address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.) Good luck!


  1. I’d like to see her visit the Annual American Libraries Association event…its held every year in late June/July and there are people from all over the world, not just librarians. And kids come through and it would be a chance for folks to get autographs

  2. I’d love to see her ice skating.

  3. I think Yotsuba should visit Canada! Actually, Halifax (where I live) would be a nice spot. There’s this water car that regularly drives around the city and into the harbor, showing tourists around, and for some reason (maybe because it’s green) I think of Yotsuba when I see it. I think she’d really enjoy the ride, and would make the tour guides uncomfortable with many questions.

    If she’d rather not visit Halifax, I think Yotsuba visiting the CN Tower in Toronto would be great. They have a glass floor, and I’d love to see her freaking out about being able to see underneath her feet and down hundreds of stories.

  4. I would love to see Yotsuba attend a modern public library story time. Seeing her interact creatively with other children and their parents would be adorable and hilarious.

  5. Terry Harjanto

    I’d love to see her tag along with her dad and Yanda when they have some sort of meeting at an office someplace. I bet nobody would get any work done.

  6. Is time travel out? How about Yotsuba and the dinosaurs?

  7. While the CN tower and the office visit both strike me as especially good ideas, I think I’d most like to see Yotsuba&! visit one of those places—like Historical Williamsburg or its ilk—where people in period costume try to stay in character as someone of that era while they demonstrate how people lived and worked back then.

  8. Faith, Yotsuba can only visit Halifax if you promise to illustrate her adventures. Otherwise, no deal :-)

    Paulb, No time travel, but the La Brea tar pits promises hijinks galore.

  9. she should go to a baseball game in Japan.

  10. I think it would be cute for her to visit a cat themed cafe. Complete with little kittens roaming around free in the background :)

  11. I agree that Yotsuba in a library, at a storytime or not, would promise lots of fun!

  12. I’m totally with Aubrey – Yotsuba at a baseball game would be a lot of fun. I think I’d also like to see Yotsuba feeding the deer in Nara (watch out, some of them charge at you once they see you buy the deer crackers), going to the Tsukiji fish market (I can totally picture her getting involved in the giant tuna auction or comandeering one of those carts the employees drive like mad men), or attending a sumo match (and trying to replicate the event at home with her friends, family and maybe even her nemesis, Yanda).

  13. For me I’d have to say maybe Yotsuba going to the movie theater for the first time, and just getting enchanted by the movie. (Lol, maybe something like Star Wars?) But either way, it’d fuel her imagination even after the movie.

  14. Yotsuba!& the Aquarium! Pet the manta rays! Watch the dolphin show! (Do they still do that?)

  15. Thanks for running the contest!

    I’d love to see Yotsuba in a wooded park, playing around a stream.

    As for something big: a vacation to a tropical island! Sand castles, big waves, and Jumbo checking out all the girls.

  16. How about Yotsuba visiting Studio Ghibli or meeting Totoro?

  17. I’d like to see Yotsuba in a pet store. I think the cute might just reach critical mass.

  18. A penny candy shop :)

  19. Travis W. Howard

    Niagara Falls and then going home trying to recreate it!

  20. The Boston Museum of Science! Lots of fun exhibits to play with, and lots to inspire a kid like Yotsuba to create science and chaos of her own.

  21. SDCC. The poor thing.

  22. I’d like to see Yotsuba at a cosplay event. She could be wandering around town with her dad or the girls next door and then all of sudden come across a bunch of people in strange dress. It would be amusing to see her asking her companions to explain what was going on when they’d be at a loss to explain what was going on, asking the cosplayers not used to talking to a little girl to explain what they’re doing, and making both groups embarrassed and flustered when normally they are used to pretending they don’t see other in the same place. I could see her messing up photoshoots, appearing uninvited in people’s pictures, messing up sets and maybe knocking over equipment, and making the people attending the event angry at first but not for long because how could anyone stay mad at a cute little girl like Yotsuba.

  23. I think Yotsuba should visit the Taj Mahal. It’s beautiful and I think she would be mystified by it.

  24. She should visit Wakkanai, Hokkaido in Japan…in the winter :P

  25. Central Park, climbing on the Alice in Wonderland statue.

    (SDCC! Evan, that cracked me up.)

  26. This is a nifty calendar — even though you may not be able to read it, the images, as shown at this site, put the drawn character against photographic backgrounds

    Sharp eyes will note that Yotsuba is against tracings of photographs on every page of the comic.

    Still, Vol. 10’s visit to the electronics store is good fun.

  27. Yotsuba should go climb Mount Fuji! I did that when I was a kid living in Japan. So cool! And she definitely needs to go to the Tokyo Tower.

    And I agree with Andrew – we librarians would LOVE to see Yotsuba at the American Library Association Annual Conference! She’d love the Exhibits! And all the children’s publishers would be trying to give her free stuff!

  28. I would like Yotsuba to visit the metropolitan museum of art! It would be like one big picture book to her!

  29. I think Yotsuba should go to the Sapporo snow festival! Not only would she be wearing a cute winter outfit, but she would also get to gaze at all the amazing sculptures and try and build a snowman or snow sculpture of her own. I could see her hiding in a snow man and pretending to make it talk, or even just causing havoc and making snow angels.

  30. Outer space! I assume that the secret back-story of Yotsuba&! is that she’s an alien, but I’d be happy with a story where she uses a cardboard box as a spaceship. Yanda, of course, would be alien dictator she has to shoot with a laser gun.

  31. It would be funny to see her to go to Comiket and hear her comments on the people there.

  32. I think it’d be fun if she went to Akihabara. It’d be funny for her to see people wearing shirts with her on it :O

    Japanator should have her go to North Korea in their parody. :3

  33. I think Yotsuba should visit the office where Dengeki Daioh is made.

  34. Richard Beaubien

    Youtsuba needs to go to a sporting event, either a baseball or a soccer game. Doesn’t need to be big leagues (just local).

  35. I think Yotsuba should go to the carnival! She could ride all the rides, and indulge herself in sweets, try to conquer the big rides even though she’s kind of scared and pretend she’s flying when shes on when of those high rides.

  36. Thank you, everyone, for participating in our contest. Such wonderful, creative, entertaining ideas! I loved reading them all. I have emailed the winner for their mailing address. And thanks for reading!

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