Why Can’t DC Make Nice Merchandise for Girls?

Hey, DC’s got a new line of costumes for women! Cool! I want to be a superhero for Halloween.

Oh, wait… it’s based on the Ame-Comi line of “sexy” mostly naked anime-influenced statues, not anyone in the actual comics.

Slutty Supergirl

Follow the link above to see the thigh-baring Catwoman and Wonder Woman versions, as well as Chris Sims’ ideas on which characters might be next. What a shame that superheroines = sexy caricatures in DC’s licensing, and there aren’t more options for people who don’t go to THOSE kinds of parties.

For comparison, this new set of guy DC costumes cover not only their whole bodies but their faces and heads as well.

7 Responses to “Why Can’t DC Make Nice Merchandise for Girls?”

  1. Grant Says:

    Their take on Wonder Woman and Mera are surprisingly conservative considering what they’re going for.

    And would I sound sexist if I said I kind of liked the Robin and Joker statues? ;)

  2. Anthony Says:

    I’ll state again my dislike of Supergirl’s current comic book costume (with that stupid-looking, belly-and-abs-exposing “shirt” of hers). Still, that looks like her classic Silver Age costume compared to the “costumes” shown above…

  3. Johanna Says:

    Grant, no, the Joker in particular has a distinctive, creative design sense (even if I would rather it not be so high cut in the briefs — wearing that in public would risk falling afoul of exposure laws).

    Anthony, I think the worst part of the Supergirl for me is how uncomfortable it looks. Tight in the wrong places, not something you could be active in.

  4. William George Says:

    I see nothing about these costumes more body revealing than the normal get ups super women wear.

    At least the boy costumes aren’t Green Lantern movie-tight. No one wants a con full of Tron Guy-style budgie smuggling.

  5. Ed Sizemore Says:

    The costume on the left looks like something Gene Simmons threw up. It’s degrading to say to the least. There is nothing heroic in the way she looks.

    DC you killed a piece of my soul.

  6. Mireille Sillander Says:

    I’ll have to agree with William there that this is a general issue with costumes made for women both in superhero comics and IRL for parties and such. I have a hard time believing that most men would be very happy with Halloween if all they were offered as ready made costumes were skin tight spandex daisy dukes and a skimpy, chest-baring top. Ghostbusters just a got a whole lot more.. breezy.

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