Two Exciting Upcoming Dark Horse Books Feature Jill Thompson

Scary Godmother Comic Book Stories

GeekMom reports that, as hoped for, we will be getting a second Scary Godmother reprint collection. Dark Horse previously collected the color Scary Godmother books in a handsome volume; next July, we’ll get the black-and-white comic-format stories in a companion book. The Comic Book Stories book will include Ghoul’s Out for Summer, Wild About Harry, Holiday Spooktacular, Bloody Valentine Special, the Activity Book, the ashcan, and more stories from other sources. In other words, pretty much everything Scary Godmother, all in one convenient place for $24.95.

Beasts of Burden return

Dark Horse also recently sent out this teaser image (shown left) announcing that Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson’s Beasts of Burden will return in 2011. If it’s like the previous (excellent) book, a miniseries in periodical format will be followed by an attractive collection with extra material.

Both books are on my must-buy list — Jill Thompson’s talent is always something to enjoy and appreciate.

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