Barefoot Gen Manga Moveable Feast

by Ed Sizemore

This month Sam Kusek is hosting the Manga Moveable Feast for Barefoot Gen at his site, A Life in Panels. He has an excellent opening post that covers the Barefoot Gen books.

Sam had to be away from his computer today and has asked me fill in for the daily summary.

David Welsh at Manga Curmudgeon reviews volumes 1 & 2. He does a wonderful job articulating the conflicting emotions you may feel reading this series.

Khursten Santos at Otaku Champloo is from the Philippines. She talks briefly about how the Japanese are perceived today in the Philippines. She translates the introductions found in the first, and only, two volumes of the Tagalog translation.

Derik Badman at Madinkbeard read the first four volumes. He found the series too melodramatic and heavy-handed for his liking.

Ash Brown at Experiments in Manga offers a brief review of all ten volumes of the series.

Linda at Anime Miz read the first two volumes. She records her reactions about the horrors depicted.

Make sure to check back daily at Sam’s site for more updates.


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