Happy Valentine’s With Comic Couples!

For KC’s column today at the Westfield blog, he looks at four classic superhero couples.

Favorite in-joke: “If It’s a KC Column, There MUST Be History! (It’s Okay — It’s Short — and Partially Made Up)”

Favorite quote:

[Romance] was a very popular genre and attracted a huge and loyal readership — mostly young women, many of whom (gasp!) really enjoyed reading comic books about things that interested them. Romance comics were largely a mystery to young boys, however, mostly because boys had the entire rest of comic books (superhero, crime, western, sci-fi, horror, jungle, etc.) to choose from. Romance comics even featured different advertising than other comic books, mostly about stuff that would only interest girls. That, added to all the kissing and hugging and mushy stuff, made romance comics not very interesting to young boys. So most boys didn’t care much about them at all. (Until many years later when the stupid boys suddenly realized that not only were many of the romance comics written and drawn by their favorite creators, but there were also a lot of cute girls in them! So, finally, they started buying them, and because of that, they drove the back issue prices up. Stupid boys!)

Favorite question: Hey, what did happen to Lucy and Ron Troupe and their kid?

Favorite thank-you: I love you, too, honey.

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s With Comic Couples!”

  1. James Schee Says:

    I figure Ron Troupe, Lucy and kid are in the same place such great but never seen characters like Maggie Sawyer, Bilbo, Professor Hamilton, and Jose (Gangbuster) Delgado are I suppose.

    I miss the old super-supporting cast.

  2. Johanna Says:

    James! We were just thinking we hadn’t heard from you in a while. Yeah, Maggie Sawyer. Everyone wants to leave their own mark, I guess, by making their own cast choices, but it’s a shame to miss out on some that have followings.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Yeah between helping to manage a tax office (in only my second year doing taxes) and preparing to move in a new, much better house, things have been hectic. Should start slowing down some now that we’re past the first peak season at work. Hope y’all are doing well, its been too long I know and we’ll have to try and catch up soon.

    Last I’d seen of Maggie was in Gotham Central, where those creators had moved her to Gotham. I don’t recall if her SO Toby Raines had moved there with her or not.

    I read creators today that talk about things like Superman/Clark being too distant and the like. Sending him on long walks, where After School Specials type one shot deals are supposed to center him.

    Yet I think in large part its due to a lack of supporting characters. They can be highlighted too much and take away from Superman (anyone remember the Scorn character from way back when?) but they also long term show the positive influence Superman has had in peoples lives.

    I liked KC’s column, it always makes me aware of things I didn’t know that sound interesting. Like Alicia dated the Silver Surfer? That’s odd, the poor girl gets passed around too much, as I think the only male character in FF she hasn’t slept with is Reed.

  4. I Write About Comic Couples for Westfield » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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