Read Two Best Books Online for Free — And Legal! Download Nothing Better

Tyler Page is releasing the first two volumes of his Nothing Better as free downloadable PDFs. These are good reads — Volume 1 was one of my Best of 2007, while Volume 2 was a Best of 2009. He explains his reasoning in the announcement. In short, it’s the usual forward-looking logic: he wants to expand his audience, and he expects sharing to expose his work to more readers, some of whom will hopefully buy books or prints or donate via Paypal.

This is good work. It just needs more eyeballs on it. And once that happens I’m confident at least some of those people will pay for it.

Read these books. You will enjoy them. I promise. Send the links to your friends. Seed them, torrent them, however you like, as long as you do it non-commercially and the work stays intact. And if you feel like you’ve been entertained, consider paying something for it.

3 Responses to “Read Two Best Books Online for Free — And Legal! Download Nothing Better”

  1. Jaylat Says:

    Smart move on Tyler’s part – he’s getting some good references from you and others, and generating buzz for his next book. This is intelligent marketing.

    They key here (to me) is that he’s the one making the decision to release his comic for free, not someone else. It’s his comic, he gets to decide how it should be offered to the public.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Excellent point. And since I love the series, I hope enough people will take advantage of the free taste to make it worthwhile for Page to put out book three.

  3. Simon F Says:

    Its a good call Page has made, I just hope it pays off. The amount of people making half a living off commissions and selling prints, as well as self published books and other publications seems to be growing all the time.




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