Paris by George Alexopoulos

George Alexopoulos is the author of Go With Grace, one of the lesser-known Tokyopop “OEL manga” graphic novels. And that’s a shame because I’ve enjoyed his work, what little I’ve seen of it. So imagine how excited I was to find out that he’s been posting a bunch of online comics on his website.

Panel from Paris p9

His most recent project is the 116-page “Paris“. As he describes it:

It’s about a woman named Katerina who feels aimlessness in her mid-20’s after finishing school, working at the same ol’ job, being single, and having no particular goals in life. She decides to take a trip to the Greek Islands to rest and perhaps discover what to do with herself. While there, she keeps bumping into a man named Nikos who seems to be interested in asking her for a cup of coffee — but the main problem of the story presents itself in that Katerina can’t really speak Greek. The focus (and fun, I hope) of the story is how their relationship develops through gestures and single words, and how Katerina handles it knowing it’s doomed to be over when she leaves for home.

I’m looking forward to diving in when I have the time to give it.

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