A Video Review of DC Universe Online

Zero Punctuation DCU Online image

Although this is NSFW due to lots of foul language and heaping lots of contempt, I found the Zero Punctuation review of the DC Universe Online game entertaining. Key quote:

“Is this one of those things that only makes sense after you’ve read issue #471 of The Adventures of Captain Indecisive?”

His metaphor of pooping to explain why a story that ends is preferable to one that never does may be crude, but I agree with the point. And as I thought, “It’s less about creating a superhero than aping the ones DC had already made up.” Croshaw concludes that the game is intended for DC comic fans only, but I think that’s exactly the market they intended, and the one that will make them most successful.

2 Responses to “A Video Review of DC Universe Online”

  1. Sigma7 Says:

    Wednesday’s a good day for me, because that means a new Zero Punctuation review. I don’t even necessarily have to be interested in (or know) the game being reviewed; the hysterical amount of invective and contempt (or, on rare occasions, grudging appreciation: Yahtzee called Batman: Arkham Asylum his favorite game of ’09, if memory serves) and his graphics and animation style (throw some air-quotes in there where necessary) are deeply entertaining to me. But yes, certainly not for everyone — even his positive reviews (The Orange Box is a must-see) could strip paint off a battleship with their profanity and rage.

    Can’t wait until I get home so I can watch this without exploding someone’s eardrums or sensibilities.

  2. Joshua Says:

    That was pretty funny, as well as being an accurate take on what’s wrong with DCUO.




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