Minion: A Serialized Slacker Supervillain Comic

Minion takes stupid loser characters — they reminded me of the slacker supporting cast from such movies as Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin — and gives them the job of henchmen to a supervillain.

Minion Comics

Given the subject matter, playing in a superhero-inspired universe, it’s probably not surprising that they’re using a comic book model, with the first “issue” of 20 pages posted all at once. Unfortunately, they’re producing as they’re posting, so there’s a delay until the next batch of pages will be available; that release is planned for mid-next month.

I found the first issue entertaining enough to read through it all, though. The art does a good job with what are mostly talking scenes, and the motivation given for enlisting in what’s a bad idea from the start is plausible: as a felon, one of the guys can’t get any other employment. (The motivation for that first crime, though, isn’t nearly as believable.) The real story starts with the next “issue”, so you may want to come back to the webcomic late next month and see how that’s handled.

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