New iPad, Viz Manga Deal for March

What great timing! Just as Apple announces its new iPad 2, Viz has announced a special March Madness deal for manga on the device.

Viz iPad screen sample

By the end of the month, Viz intends to have over a hundred manga volumes available to buy, and to promote their publications, any volume one of a series costs only 99 cents during March (instead of the usual $4.99 charge). Plus, if you take the iPad survey, you get a chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card.

I don’t own the gadget, so I’m not part of the audience for this deal, but Katherine Dacey recommends it for excellent image resolution and simple, intuitive navigation. Additionally, as I was reminded in the email release, this is a perfect way to “build up your digital, portable, legal library of manga!” The Viz Manga app includes sixteen series; available this week are the following:


  1. I may be getting an iPad equivalent this summer. One of my main purposes would be manga.

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