Oni Press Mixtape Available, Editors Promoted

Adam Warrock Oni Mix

Several people linked to this yesterday, but I wanted to get a chance to sample it before recommending — and I’m glad I did, because it’s nifty!

As announced, “comic book nerdcore rapper” Adam WarRock and Oni Press are making available for free download a 20-track mixtape that consists of songs inspired by Oni publications interspersed with snippets of their creators talking. The tracks I sampled, based on my favorite Oni graphic novels, were both good listening and demonstrated knowledge of the comic, which was a plus. It also reminded me how many great titles Oni puts out and how many talented creators they work with.

It’s really good free music! Check it out.

In other Oni news, congratulations to Jill Beaton and Charlie Chu, who have both been promoted from associate to full editor at the company. And here’s Oni’s “about us” from their press release — “Not content to focus on any one genre or format, Oni Press believes that sequential art is for everyone and that there’s a comic out there for every type of reader” — that’s a message we can all get behind!

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