Visiting the Comic Book Diner

Comic Book Diner

I’ve found another comic podcast to follow: creators Rich Faber, Jamar Nicholas, and John Gallagher host discussions on “the art and business of comics” at the Comic Book Diner. Their latest guest is one of my favorite creators: Thom Zahler, of Love and Capes. In that episode, the guys discuss convention recommendations, lessons, and plans. It’s a great overview for anyone considering staffing a booth, or even just visiting a creator at one. Plus, Thom discusses why he moved his comic to IDW as a publisher.

2 Responses to “Visiting the Comic Book Diner”

  1. Rich Faber Says:

    Hi Johanna,

    Thanks for the nice words! Thom was an outstanding guest, and we plan to have him back again.

    I’m glad you found our podcast, and hope you’ll be listening again! Thanks once more for mentioning us!


  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I will continue to listen — next up, I’m looking forward to hearing your conversation with Raina Telgemeier.




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