Wizard World Digital Debuts With Toy Focus

After closing the print magazine at the end of January, Wizard planned to create a digital magazine, an idea I found ludicrous. Now that their first issue is available, let’s check it out.

Wizard World #1

I note that the cover emphasizes the media coverage that Wizard really cares about. Of five cover blurbs or taglines, four are about toys — two of which feature TV show tie-ins. The one mention of a comic, Who Is Jake Ellis?, promotes how great a movie it would make. The toy focus continues inside, with most of the pages running product pictures with minimal text. The ads are mostly for Wizard conventions, as though they were still relevant.

I was curious to see who was working for them. Casey Seijas is the first credited writer, putting together an article on how to improve digital comics. Aside from the oddity of running this in a digital-only publication, what’s suggested is impractical and unbelievable. “We’d be willing to pay double the cover [for] cool extras!”? It reads like something churned straight from keyboard to page image to fill a last-minute hole.

Other writers’ names: Mike Cotton, Justin Aclin, Carlos Mejia, all listed as editorial staff. Accompanying their short, blurb-like contributions are lots of requests for readers to send in column ideas, pictures, and content for future issues. This appears to be produced on the cheap. Next issue sounds even worse, with features on the Green Lantern movie toys and “Wizard Girls” who show off video games.

I didn’t think it was possible for Wizard to make itself even more irrelevant, but it did. Who’s starting the pool on how long until Gareb tires of this and kills it?

7 Responses to “Wizard World Digital Debuts With Toy Focus”

  1. ADD Says:

    Ugh. Sounds like a hollow death rattle. Gareb puts the sham in Shamus.

  2. Chris Howard Says:

    That cover is an absolute mess. Guess the art department were also let go in January.

  3. Grant Says:

    Yeah, this looks horrible.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    I’m writing this up for Pipeline on Tuesday, but my big question now is, “What’s exclusive to Wizard about Who Is Jake Ellis?”

  5. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Augie, if I were to guess, Image may have provided Wizard with a sneak peek of pages from an upcoming issue that they’ve offered to no one else. Contact creator Nathan Edmondson, he can likely tell you what’s exclusive about it.

  6. William George Says:

    “We’d be willing to pay double the cover [for] cool extras!”

    * Put Picard facepalm image here *

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