Google Wishes Will Eisner a Happy Birthday

If you visit Google today, you’ll see this as the doodle.

Eisner Google doodle

This Spirit image is in honor of Will Eisner, born on this day in 1917 (and unfortunately passed in 2005). The 2008 Spirit movie is not worth watching, but you can still find the entire run reprinted in the Spirit Archives series, including the character’s run as a daily comic strip and the last bits of ephemera. The character wasn’t really the point, though, since he was just a way to tell diverse tales of the city and its inhabitants, with some really clever storytelling and design elements (as shown in the buildings above).

Will Eisner was known for more than just the Spirit, though. He wrote a series of useful instructional books on making comics as well as a wide variety of his own graphic novels. To find out more, read Scott McCloud’s overview of Eisner’s life and importance.

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