Good Comics Out March 9

The graphic novel I’m most interested in this week is Freeway (Fantagraphics, $28.99), Mark Kalesniko’s traffic jam ruminations of animation as a career then and now. The description of the book (at the link) has a lot of hooks to relate to: work frustration, realizing even a dream job has its pitfalls, and rush-hour traffic.

Do note that Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (Running Press Kids, $13.95) is not the recently announced Boom graphic novel — it’s another, different tie-in book to the Peanuts special.

Comic Book Comics #5 cover

Comics this week are extremely promising. Pick of the week is the long-awaited Comic Book Comics #5 (Evil Twin Comics), the All-Lawsuit Issue. I managed to get this last week at my shop, but I haven’t read it yet, because it’s a treat, to be saved until I have time to savor it.

Also, DC’s lineup is ridiculously good. I was surprised to note that I wanted to read the first *seven* titles on their list:

  • All-New Batman The Brave And The Bold #5
  • Batgirl #19
  • Batman and Robin #21
  • the long-delayed Batman Incorporated #3
  • Birds of Prey #10
  • Booster Gold #42
  • and Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #2

The $2.99 price for all of them is a big help. Plus, there’s Superboy #5 and Zatanna #10, but the week’s topper is the genius Vertigo Resurrected Finals #1 ($7.99). I’m so thrilled more people will get to read this astounding dark college satire.

Oh, and from Moonstone, I’ve already talked about Honey West #3 and Savage Beauty #1.

Manga to look for this week, from Viz (all $9.99): Butterflies, Flowers 6 and Rasetsu 8. I’ve also reviewed Library Wars Love & War 4, and I’m curious to try Oresama Teacher 1. Vertical is releasing Twin Spica 6 ($10.95), but I think I’m stalled out on that series — I found out it was 16 volumes, and I’m not sure I’m that interested.

To end on a down note, I don’t recommend you buy Impact’s Creating Comics From Start to Finish ($24.99), although there’s more to it than the title suggests.

2 Responses to “Good Comics Out March 9”

  1. Grant Says:

    I was excited to see Batman Inc finally came out. Picked up that and Batgirl.

    By the way, what did you think of last months batgirl? The “valentines day” story?

  2. Johanna Says:

    The Klarion the Witch Boy piece? Funny! I never would have guessed those two characters would work so well together, or that you could so well capture Klarion’s power and youthful ignorance. Lots of fun, as Batgirl so often is. My favorite DC series.




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