Langridge Muppet Comics on Permanent Hiatus – Art Samples Posted

Roger Langridge Muppet page

When rumors first started circulating late last year about the status of the Disney Muppet/Pixar license with Boom! Comics, I found them unlikely because artist Roger Langridge (who was the most significant reason I thought The Muppet Show was the best all-ages comic out today) was still working on stories to be published sometime this year.

That became increasingly unlikely once news broke that Marvel took over the Pixar license (and the comics themselves, reprinting work originally created for Boom! with no notice or additional compensation to the artists — that’s working for Disney). Now I’m afraid that Langridge has confirmed that his remaining stories — part of a “Four Seasons” storyline — are unlikely to see print.

On the bright side, Langridge is running some of the pages at his blog (that’s one of them shown here), so we aren’t completely deprived. They do make me want to see the whole story, though. I don’t know if fans making their wishes known to Disney Comics (which has a Twitter account) would help or hurt, but I want to tell *someone* they have an audience ready to buy this material, if it was only available.

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  1. Cole Moore Odell Says:

    This turn of events is certainly disappointing for those of us who love Langridge’s Muppets. It is a sadly fitting bookend (temporary, I hope) considering that the book was inspired by Muppet Show material he did for Disney Adventures that got canceled before most of it could be printed, and which also sat in limbo for years. It’s one of the pitfalls of working with big corporations’ licensed characters, and one reason I’m happy that he’s going back to his own concepts–as much as I adored his Muppet work.

  2. Eric Gimlin Says:

    I asked about the book at the Boom panel at ECCC, and got a no comment. As long at it’s “we can’t talk about it” rather than “we’ve lost the rights”, I figure there’s hope. But with a new Langridge book from Boom on the way I don’t know if he could do it even if the rights are resolved.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Bear in mind that Boom still has some Disney properties licensed, the classic Mickey and Darkwing Duck and such, so how much they can say may be limited for wanting to maintain a good relationship with a business partner.

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