Captain Action Toys Return With Marvel Costumes

Captain Action Captain America costume

Captain Action Spider-Man costume

Back in the day, before I was born, there was a doll action figure named Captain Action. Captain Action was cool because you could buy him costumes and turn him into other famous heroes, including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Phantom, the Lone Ranger (and Tonto), Flash Gordon, and more.

For the nostalgia market, Captain Action has been brought back as both a comic book and a toy 12″ action figure. But here comes the exciting part: the relaunch will include Marvel costumes, so Captain Action can once again pretend to be Spider-Man and Captain America, beginning Fall 2011 at Toys’R’Us and other retailers. Iron Man and Thor costumes are promised for 2012.

Bob Plant, Creative Director, describes the direction the product line will take. “We have a great deal of respect for these timeless characters, and our goal is not to merely recreate the original Marvel costume sets from the 1960s, but to take them a step or two further with enhanced details and more accurate and faithfully-recreated costumes. While packaging is highlighted by Silver Age art and the costumes are tied into that vintage era as well, we’ve updated the packaging style to reflect more modern collector sensibilities. This is an exciting time for Captain Action collectors, new and old!”

I like that the costumes come with alternate faces. That’s just wacky. Here’s hoping we see a Superman/Clark Kent set sometime in the future!

7 Responses to “Captain Action Toys Return With Marvel Costumes”

  1. Diana Green Says:

    This is big fun, but why hasn’t there been a reprint of the Wally Wood/Gil Kane comic from the 60s? It was much better than it should have been and deserves more attention!

  2. James Schee Says:

    Interesting… kind of makes Captain Action sort of a Christopher Chance (Human Target) for superheroes type deal. Could see it now, Lex Luthor has kryptonie raygun and blasts Superman. Only its revealed to be Captain Action in disguise, undercover to save Superman’s life. Etc..

    Sorry though, but if there are clothes involved, the toy is a doll, not an action figure. :)

  3. Johanna Says:

    Oooh, James, you should pitch for the comic! Only no using other characters there, I’m sure.

  4. Richard J. Marcej Says:

    The original 1960’s Captain Action toy was created by the man who originally created G.I.Joe. He sold the rights of G.I. Joe to Hasbro and with that money created his new toy line

  5. Ike Iszany Says:

    Why not just make Captain America and Spiderman dolls?

  6. Ike Iszany Says:

    These aren’t coming out until the Fall???? I’m going to go freeze myself.

  7. BRET ROTH Says:

    Someone needs to tell Miss Greene that its because the captain has so many points of articulation,and can be positioned in over 101 poses he is an action figure.Not because you can change his clothes.Barbie is a doll because she’s done by a process known as BLOW MOLDING.




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