Legion of Super-Heroes Fingerless Gloves

I am one of those people who can’t put down my smartphone (T-Mobile G2), even in cold weather, so I was thinking I needed some fingerless gloves. Then Carla Hoffman twittered about Casey Storm’s etsy shop, where she has hand-knitted fingerless gloves with all kinds of different comic logos.

I didn’t see my favorite, though, so I sent off a note of inquiry, we came to an understanding, and within a week, I had these beauties.

Legion gloves

They’re comfy, warm, and distinctive, made just for me. I love them!

5 Responses to “Legion of Super-Heroes Fingerless Gloves”

  1. TimCallahan Says:

    Future SASSY!

  2. David Oakes Says:

    “[W]e came to an understanding”.

    Why am I imagining Ms. Storm waking up next to the head of a Kryptonian Though Beast in bed next to her…

  3. Grant Says:

    That’s pretty cool. Mainly because it looks like the kind of thing you’re grandma would make for you. Kind of reminds me of the “Shazam” scarf my aunt knited for me a couple decades ago. It was red and had a couple lightning bolts sewn in.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I saw these before, planned to purchase for Christmas, and they have disappeared!!! Any idea if she is selling them some where else? Or how to contact her?

  5. Johanna Says:

    She seems to have moved her shop to ArtFire. Try there.




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