First Wonder Woman TV Costume Image Released
March 18, 2011

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

EW.com has posted the first image of Adrianne Palicki in costume as Wonder Woman for the David E. Kelley TV show pilot. It’s very shiny. And the blue is a weird shade, not as deep as it used to be, and the boots should be red, and there’s an eagle instead of the double-W logo on the chest… but that’s all old-time fan comment. I do like the antique gold look, as well as the way the bracelets look protective but not like they’d maim the wearer. Losing the butt stars (in favor of a line along the side of the legs — look closely) is probably a good idea, too.

She’s going to break an ankle the first time she has to run fast in those heels, though.

Update: Here’s a recolored fan version that fixes the boots and the color of the pants, at least in my opinion.

Update: (3/30/11) On-set photos show some changes: the boots are red, and the pants are darker and not as shiny. In fact, they actually look like fabric, not plastic or paint.

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Naptunian writes:  

Somewhat classic look. I guess the producers didn’t like the reimaging of 2010…

Ed Sizemore writes:  

Boots definitely need to be red, otherwise the bottom half of the costume is too bland. Also, agree need a deeper shade of blue on the pants.

Thad writes:  

“and there’s an eagle instead of the double-W logo on the chest… but that’s all old-time fan comment.”

Quite the opposite. The double-W is post-Crisis.

Johanna writes:  

Post-Crisis IS old-time, these days. That’s 25 years ago. :)

Hal Shipman writes:  

“Quite the opposite. The double-W is post-Crisis.”

The “new” double-W logo was introduced four years prior to Crisis, in 1982, in a preview to the sweet, sweet run by Gene Colan. I’m usually very much driven by story/writers instead of artists, but Colan got me reading the book regularly thanks to his fantastic work.

And I kinda of like it, with the same qualifications as you, Johanna. Weird blue there. I think if they did the same recoloring to the new comics costume, dark blue instead of black, it’d be really nice.

Hal Shipman writes:  
Johanna writes:  

Someone pointed out that it may look very different in show shooting, as opposed to manipulation to specifically show off the costume, so maybe the colors will photograph differently?

Kris Bays writes:  

I’m the person who did the fan recolor you posted here, so thanks for the repost! When I saw the costume, I pretty much liked the general design (The star studs along the sides of the pants, the decor on the top of the boots) but after Twitter convos, the things most people were upset about were the boot color, the over all costume color, and the fact Diana was wearing so much makeup. I think this costume would be rather well accepted (Better than the JMS reboot costume) if the colors were darker, more matte leathers, and if the boots were red. But I agree with the mentality that this is probably a product of how it looks in the high glare of the studio lights and will look different in the show.

Kelson writes:  

There are a couple of other variations I’ve seen including Ty Templeton’s version with starry hot pants, and another with the starry panties (I’m sure there’s a better word, but I just can’t think of it).

I think the pants work just fine, but red boots are a *major* improvement.

Anthony writes:  

Least I now know what they were joking/talking about at C2E2 earlier today (Dan DiDio asked if the crowd at the DC panel I went to “preferred the eagle or double-W” and “pants or no pants,” in some attempt at a double entendre, I guess).

It’s 2011 and Hollywood’s still making her wear high-heeled boots? Would think her “swifter than Mercury” super-speed abilities would make pulling that off harder in high-heels… assuming the producers remember (or even care) that’s one of her powers.

William George writes:  

Inferior to Lynda Carter’s version!

Hybride writes:  

They’re running out of ideas…

Grant writes:  

Not sure why, but when I saw this the first thing that popped into my head was the name Peggy Bundy.

James Schee writes:  

Kind of odd seeing this the day after I’d watched the Bones episode where she dresses like WW. Some interesting comparisons.:)

I do wonder how much action will be in the show, with that top… gonna be hard to keep things from flying out. I’m super surprised at how close this is to the current comic version, almost gives credence to the rumors that the change was made for other media.

Of course what I really want to know though. Is will she do the spin?:)

LAST WEEK on the ‘net | Ty Templeton's Art Land writes:  

[…] First Wonder Woman TV Costume Image Released from DVDs Worth Watching […]

Vid writes:  

I pretty much agree with most of the suggested changes said by posters. My first reaction was to get rid of the heels and change the boot color to red. Definitely the blue should be darker now that someone mentioned it and no lipstick. I do wonder how black boots would look but definitely the boots should not be the same color as the pants.

Otherwise I’d say this is a pretty good looking costume.

Modi writes:  

Its hideous!

Classic is the best. Make the boots red, remove those eye watering bad looking pants.

I’ve seen better comic con efforts, and edits on deviantart.com which made the costume just look like the classic.

Time to email the shows maker, NBC I think, to say you hate it. There is no point posting you disliking it on random websites that the shows makers will not look at. Tell them it sucks. I have.

Modi writes:  

Here’s the one of the edits from deviantart: http://bit.ly/dDYVgN

Johanna writes:  

I would much rather have the costume shown here than return to “why is she fighting crime in a high-cut bathing suit?”, personally. There’s classic and then there’s stupid. Pants are a good thing. :)


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