An Excellent Explanation of Sailor Moon

I knew a lot of fans were excited when news broke that Sailor Moon was returning to print, many with impressive and insightful stories about what the series meant to them. This essay by Comic Book Girl, though, is a wonderful explanation that’s made me eager to try the series for myself.

This is Naoko Takeuchi’s original vision for Sailor Moon. When asked about the differences between the anime and manga, she replied that the anime’s staff was men, while her story was told from a women’s perspective — by girls, for girls and about girls. … This is a story about women — tons of women. Every personality type you can imagine. Young women, old women, queer women, straight women, ditzy women, brainy women. This is story about the bond of friendship between these women and how they are the most powerful people in the universe.

The young lady goes on to explain how cool the boyfriend Tuxedo Mask is, too, because she keeps rescuing him. “He’s unashamed about it too … he is repeatedly in awe of how strong she is and openly praises her for her power.” The writer is also proud of how girls aren’t corrupted by power but use it wisely and with strength. It sounds fabulous, and I’m excited to hear of how women are planning to share the series across generations.


  1. Thanks for pointing this essay out, Johanna. Just reading the quote you’ve included here makes me feel very eager to try the series as well!

  2. My 11 year old daughter just found Sailor Moon anime on You Tube and was sad that there all the books and movies were out of print. She and I are already planning on getting the books when they come out.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this.

  4. I loved the manga’s story of the characters’ pasts even better than the anime. Just a few small changes make a world of difference to me sometimes.

  5. Nevermore999

    Thanks so much for linking to my post and saying such kind things! I’ve always liked your blog, it’s one of my favorites to look at when collecting links for WFA! I hope you enjoy Sailor Moon when you try it- it’s a bit kitschy and campy (part of the charm) but also just an amazing girl-positive story and a real milestone for the time it was published in. I wish I had been more aware of it as a kid, because it kinda bought out that inner 90’s child.

  6. I think I’ll have a much better background to try it, thanks to your essay. And thank you for your compliment on the site.

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