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While I’ve talked before about how much I enjoy the Aria manga series, I had hoped to cover the prequel series Aria as part of the latest Manga Moveable Feast. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself without the time to re-read it, but that’s ok, because I see that others had the same idea.

Instead, Ed and I had a Manga Out Loud podcast with Matt Blind and MMF host Linda. They were much more familiar with the anime than I was, so I appreciated the varying perspectives.

In case you were wondering about the second image of President Aria we discuss, here it is:

President Aria, the Martian cat

President Aria, the Martian cat

Also, my congratulations to Ed for assembling something coherent out of the discussion, since we faced a number of technical issues (which resulted in Ed and I having a second-half conversation without our guests, unfortunately). He also tracked down online a 1930s scholarly paper I only vaguely remembered.


  1. (melts) Aria……. kuwaaaaaaaa… x) I’ll retro include this part of the Archive.. it was great talking with you. ^_^

  2. Besides.. you submitted entries.. so don’t worry about it. ^_^ It was a great feast!

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