Another Benefit of Diamond Book Distributors

They take credit for your graphic novel doing well. I was a bit surprised to get the following press release from DBD:

This week, every title in the paperback category of the New York Times’ Graphic Books Bestseller List is from Diamond Book Distributors (DBD), with Image Comics’ The Walking Dead, Volume 1 (978-1-58240-672-5) taking #1. The other titles that made the list are: Oni’s Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life (978-1-932664-08-9) at #2 …

The list continues on with the other five volumes of Scott Pilgrim and three more Walking Dead books. Strangely, this is in reference not to this week, but the list dated April 3. But it really gets interesting to look at the puff quote provided:

“We’re extremely honored to hold all ten slots on the list,” said DBD’s VP-Marketing & Sales, Kuo-Yu Liang. “Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim are two blockbuster franchises from our client publishers, but really our entire line over the past year has been extremely successful. It’s a testament to the great projects our publishing partners are producing right now.”

There are several nods there to the publishers, but the language underlying this is troubling. “Every title … is from Diamond”? “We … hold all ten slots”? Perhaps I’m being too semantically picky, but this wouldn’t have tripped my trigger if they’d said something as simple as “Every title is distributed by DBD” and “We’re honored our publishers hold all ten slots”. It looks to me like Diamond’s trying to get attention by riding the coattails of two multimedia properties that they happen to carry. I guess that’s nothing unusual in an entertainment industry.

The last line of the press release is as much wishful thinking as fact: “both titles are very popular, and don’t seem to be fading into obscurity anytime soon.”

3 Responses to “Another Benefit of Diamond Book Distributors”

  1. tyler Says:

    I would have read it the same way Johanna. very sneaky!

  2. Feeby Neko Says:

    I have to agree. The way I read it, even before I read your remarks, gave me the very same vibe. No credit to the authors who worked so hard to make those works the publishers are distributing.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Oh, good point — these books are known for being closely associated with particular creators. Is the phrasing “Image’s Walking Dead” accurate? I doubt it.




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