Incredibles on Blu-ray With Video Clips
March 31, 2011

The Incredibles is coming to Blu-ray on April 12 in a four-disk combo pack (two Blu-rays, a DVD, and a digital copy).

The Pixar superhero movie will be available in high-definition for the first time in this upscale package, along with the following new bonus features. (These are in addition to all the features from the previous DVD release, including the shorts “Jack-Jack Attack” and “Boundin'”):

  • The Incredibles Revisited — A roundtable discussion with writer/director Brad Bird, producer John Walker, story supervisor Mark Andrews, supervising technical director Rick Sayre, production designer Lou Romano, character designer Teddy Newton, and supervising animator Tony Fucile.
  • Paths to Pixar: Story Artists — Similar to the bonus features on other Pixar films, this feature showcases story artists “giving viewers exciting insight into their work, their inspiration, and the personal paths that eventually led them to a career at Pixar”.
  • Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday -– Another in the line of semi-animated bonuses about life during movie-making, this one is described as “Trying to make a movie when there are not enough work days and too many birthday parties? This feature showcases how The Incredibles crew solved that problem.”
  • Ending With a Bang: Making the End Credits — An interview with director of photography Andy Jimenez and character designer Teddy Newton.
  • An interactive feature, “The New Nomanisan” Island Redevelopment Plan — A guided tour of Nomanisan Island, post-Syndrome, pitching the island as a vacation resort paradise.

To promote the release, Disney has provided these clips. The first is a trailer for that last special feature, with some nifty retro stylings:

While this one is from the movie, featuring my favorite character, the costume designer Edna Mode, explaining why superhero capes are a bad idea:

3 Responses  
Grant writes:  

Looks great. If only all comics book movies were as good as this one.

Scott writes:  

Agreed! This is hands down the best comic book movie. Of course, I may be a bit biased being a Fantastic Four fan…

The Incredibles (Blu-ray) » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] there is “The New Nomanisan” Island Redevelopment Plan, an interactive feature about […]


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