My Bunny Bathroom

Lea Hernandez did a series of seasonal bunny paintings, which she then sold copies of as print sets. Here they are, aren’t they cute? (In real life, they’re all the same size, 8 1/2″ x 11″.)

Bunny prints by Lea Hernandez

I bought a set for my bathroom. I have an indulgent soaking tub, so I figured it was time to decorate a room I like to relax in. The colors also seemed to go well with my walls. Here are the spring and summer ones, around the door:

Bunny prints in the bathroom

And the fall one, over the tub. The winter one (not shown) faces it, on the other side of the windows.

Bunny print in the bathroom

That’s not the only room she’s helped me decorate. I earlier bought the originals of her three-part chicken recipe and framed them to go in the kitchen. (Where else?)

Chicken recipe, framed

She still has print sets (and watercolor commissions) for sale; email divalea @ for more information.

One Response to “My Bunny Bathroom”

  1. Grant Says:

    Cute. Not sure if that hot pink bath robe fits in with its surroundings. ;)

    Seems like it would be pretty cool if they made tiles with the pictures on them.




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