Archie Sales Figures Updated With Veronica Numbers

I finally picked up a copy of Veronica #205, which contained the statement of sales figures. I’ve updated my post from earlier this year with that data, to make it complete.

This issue also featured the return of Kevin Keller, with a plot about Betty being disappointed that Veronica is spending all her time with him as her new best friend. I would have rather seen a story that focused on him, but bringing him in as supporting cast for the girls probably gives him more longevity.

One Response to “Archie Sales Figures Updated With Veronica Numbers”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Kevin’s getting his own miniseries in a few months (taking over four issues of “Veronica” starting with issue #207), so you’ll get your wish!

    Re: Veronica’s sales: despite the hype Kevin, Obama, etc. appearing got, it *still* dropped in sales (and sold less than the main Archie title)?! Now I’m wondering what digital comics sales of these titles are like (if that’d explain any of the declines)…




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