Marvel Announces Second Magazine to Reprint Boom! Muppet Comics

Following in the steps of the Disney*Pixar Presents Cars magazine, which is planned to reprint the comics previously published by Boom!, Marvel has announced a Muppet magazine that takes the same approach.

Disney Muppets Presents cover

Disney*Muppets Presents: Meet the Muppets will be a 96-page comic for $5.99, due in July. The cover image, shown here, was labeled “not final”, perhaps because it’s the same cover as that used on the Boom! Meet the Muppets comic collection, which contains the same material.

Followers of Disney comics (or business practices, for that matter) won’t be surprised that they’re reusing Roger Langridge’s work without notifying him (and probably without compensating him), since that’s the standard Disney contract. You make it, they own it and can do whatever they want with it, including handing it off to their new comic company to reprint.

From the press release comes this statement:

“Together with Disney Publishing, we’re extremely excited to bring the Muppets to the comics world and continue to grow their audience,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment Editor-in-Chief. “Marvel will ensure that DISNEY•MUPPETS PRESENTS will be available at all retail segments for its cross-generational fan base. The Muppets are some of the most beloved pop culture icons ever, so we can’t wait for fans to experience these great stories from Roger Langridge.”

Which is a bit annoying in the way it ignores all the work Boom! did in making these stories available to “the comics world” in the first place.

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