Ed and I Discuss the Shuttering of Tokyopop on the Manga Out Loud Podcast

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Recorded this morning (posting record!), the latest episode of the Manga Out Loud podcast features Ed and I talking about Tokyopop’s closing. We recap their history, discuss the pros and cons of the OEL Manga effort, and recall their website efforts in social networking. Along the way, we wander into discussions of why comic stores often don’t carry manga and debate when comics became for more than just kids in the popular consciousness.

I forgot to mention — I was away from the internet for most of the day yesterday, so I missed the news breaking and the instant reactions. The first thing I heard about it was actually via email from a group of creators … and not the ones you might expect. A set of self-publishers of indy comics were shocked by the news, and wondering about the rights questions, since their memories of Tokyopop were mostly around the OEL works by such creators as Becky Cloonan and Ross Campbell.


  1. Hmm I tried to comment on the podcast page but could not. How can Ed get comments? I have all four books of The Twelve Kingdoms that have been published by Tokyopop. I am very sad that Tokyopop is shutting down. I want to read the remaining two novels in hard cover! ARG! I did not leave my real email. Can I get a comment response on this page :(. *sniff sniff*. Here is an image of one of my books. What are we going to do about the last two books? :(


  2. Billy,

    What problems did you have with the comments? I have moderation on because of a persistent spammer. Sorry for your problems.

    You’re not alone in getting stranded. I know a couple people who loved the series. Your best hope for the last two books is probably Yen Press. They seem to be the only ones doing light novels. It can’t hurt to send them an email with your suggestion they pick up the series.

  3. Hello Ed,

    I just could not figure out how to even post a comment on your blog page or find a way to register to comment for the podcast page. That sucks about the spammer I can understand why you turned on moderation. Thank you for the info on Yen Press. I thought the rights for The Twelve Kingdoms or license went to another company or something. Maybe Yen Press can get the rights? That would be great I will shoot them an email. Tokyopop made me wait years for them to release each book and now they did not finish what they started and it breaks my heart.

    Thanks for the reply Ed,
    It was a nice podcast btw (by the way).

  4. Billy,

    Thanks for pointing out the comment problem. My host turned off comments for some reason. I’ve gone in and fixed it.

    Thanks for listening to the episode. Glad you enjoyed.

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