KC Explains the Sliding Timeline

In his latest Westfield column, KC explains the continuity issue of the sliding timeline, why it’s necessary, and the problems of World War II. It’s about losing specific reference points in history in favor of relative timing — “ten years ago” instead of “during Watergate”. He also recommends, along the way, Captain America: Man Out of Time, an opinion I share.

2 Responses to “KC Explains the Sliding Timeline”

  1. Keith Bowden Says:

    Hi! Looks like Marvel is collecting ALL of Waid’s Captain America series, old and new, for hardcover releases later this year, including Man Out of Time.


  2. Blame KC for Sliding Timelines » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] week, KC discussed the sliding timeline approach to continuity at his Westfield column; this week, he reveals how that approach might have […]




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